Storm UI CPU/Memory metrics always return 0 (Storm 1.2.1)
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COSTE Thomas
2018-10-30 16:24:59 UTC
Hi all,

I am currently using the Storm UI metrics REST API to retrieve metrics from Storm, but it seems like the CPU and Memory metrics are always 0:

bash$ curl -X GET http://localhost:9080/api/v1/supervisor/summary | jq
"supervisors": [
"totalMem": 3072,
"slotsFree": 3,
"host": "mx12405vm",
"id": "6cb0b55a-ec38-47dd-afef-939ca64d8228",
"uptime": "2h 4m 29s",
"availMem": 3072,
"totalCpu": 400,
"usedCpu": 0,
"logLink": "http://mx12405vm:8000/daemonlog?file=supervisor.log",
"usedMem": 0,
"availCpu": 400,
"slotsUsed": 1,
"version": "1.2.1",
"slotsTotal": 4,
"uptimeSeconds": 7469
"schedulerDisplayResource": true,
"logviewerPort": 8000

I am using a test topology (attached code) that artificially consumes cpu with a never-ending for loop:

public class DummyBolt extends BaseBasicBolt {
public void execute(Tuple tuple, BasicOutputCollector basicOutputCollector) {
System.out.println("Bolt is receiving id="+tuple.toString());

public void declareOutputFields(OutputFieldsDeclarer outputFieldsDeclarer) {


Is there any setting that needs to be activated in order to publish these metrics ?
I tried switching schedulerDisplayResource to true but it did not change anything...


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