Ports definition for Nimbus and ZooKeeper in a multi-machine deployment
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COSTE Thomas
2018-11-09 16:35:17 UTC
Hello ***@storm.apache.org<mailto:***@storm.apache.org>,

The Nimbus and ZooKeeper ports can be configured in storm.yaml thanks to the following parameters:

* storm.zookeeper.port
* nimbus.thrift.port

And we can configure a list of hosts for both Nimbus (nimbus.seeds) and ZooKeeper (storm.zookeeper.servers).

As far as I understand, we can provide several hosts, but only one port.

Is there a way to define a port for a given host, or does all the instances have to use the same port on different machines ?
If not, this is a huge constraint, as it is hard to guarantee that the same port is free on all our machines.

Could you please let us know how to be able to define a port per host ?
Is there currently a development planned for this feature ?

Thank you,
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